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Interview 1

Q1: As Governor of Virginia, how do you plan to bridge the gap between the people of Virginia, being that there is such a huge division?

Even with the division between people in our country and state, I have realized through the many conversations I’ve had with citizens of Virginia that we all want the same things. In order to bridge the gap the people must have equality in everyday life. I believe that we can build equality through common interests so long as the laws under the constitution support equal rights.

Q2: What is your stance on the second amendment? How do you plan on keeping Virginian’s safe from gun violence?

I don't believe there is “gun violence”, the gun is just a tool used. What we do have is an issue of violence, mostly created by the policies put in place by career corrupt politicians to oppress the people, turning them into criminals, forcing them to act in a way that otherwise they would not.

Q3: What are your thoughts and feelings about career politicians? Why do you think you will be different?

I am NOT a career politician and I have taken an oath to uphold the constitution when serving my country, I see no difference in that oath and this one. We need to amend the Virginia Constitution, add language that secures all of our god given rights, that does not allow for future politicians to violate our rights. This will also allow amendments that add repercussions for violations of the oath taken to the constitution. Keep in mind, all Amendments to the Virginia Constitution must be voted on by the people, giving the power back to the people, no dictatorship. Having a strong Constitutional Attorney General will help in expediting these changes.

Q4: Do you feel telemedicine is important, if so in what cases?

It can be beneficial for the lower income families with young children, the elderly, veterans, and the average working American. A well thought out program and procedure would be of great benefit to health care providers and patients. For example, our current pandemic has prevented many people from visiting their primary care providers due to fear of infection of COVID. Telemedicine would provide the opportunity for patients to meet with their doctors for general issues via phone or video conferencing. However, this type of visit compared to an in house visit should be billed at the appropriate range rather than the same cost as an in house visit because less PPE, sanitation, time, and medical supplies are being used. Telemedicine visits should also be covered by the patient’s insurance company.

Q5: As Governor of Virginia, what will be your plan for transparency between your office and the people of Virginia? And is it your intention to use the Governorship to control the people of Virginia?

I know what it is like to attempt to seek help only to have my grievances fall on deaf ears. I intend to be proactive and listen to the people. I would be very interested in, at minimum, quarterly community involved televised sessions to answer questions and hear ideas and suggestions from constituents. I am not going into office with a personal agenda. The responsibility of Governor is to represent the people. My time will not be swallowed with photo opportunity meetings and propaganda, rather designated time to personally respond, whenever possible, to emails, return phone calls, and seek solutions for my constituents. I do not in any way, plan on using my Governorship as a means to control the people of Virginia. Virginia is a state of intelligent people with common sense and the citizens of Virginia have the right to make the decisions that concern their everyday lives.

Interview 2

Q1. What are your thoughts on de-funding the police movment?

For far too long our legislators have been turning the people against our law enforcement officers by forcing them to “legally” violate our rights by reducing their manpower. We can not reform our law enforcement without reforming the laws they must follow first! These officers do not make the laws they have to follow, that is a legislation issue. As we have grown in population, our law enforcement has not grown as equally. In many cases across our state we have one officer for a 250-400 square mile radius. How is that officer ever going to create a report and trust with the people. Right now, whether it is in the inner city or the rural country, the people know that they are not protected by our brave officers. Those officers will rarely make it to our house or businesses in time to save anyone. We need our officers to be motivated to protect and serve, to put on that uniform with positive intentions, to show up to work and answer every call with the intention and hope to have the most peaceful outcome. I will defend our law enforcement because they are brave individuals who have decided to enter into a profession that puts their lives at risk every time they put on the uniform. I feel that they deserve respect and better pay, while still having policies in place that hold them accountable to the people.

Q2. As Governor of Virginia, is it your intention to employ private armed security for yourself and family?

At this time, I do not feel that I need private armed security to Govern successfully and with my plans, I don’t feel that I or my family will need that type of protection. I feel that it is another unnecessary wasteful expenditure. But that is subject to change if I feel or my family feels that we are in danger or have been threatened but even then it would more than likely not be a permanent situation.

Q3. What are your thoughts about the most recent riots, looting, vandalism, and destruction in cities across the commonwealth? Do you have any plan, as Governor, to seek legal action against those who are responsible for the riots, looting, vandalism, and destruction that has happened under Northam’s Governorship?

Rioting, looting, vandalism, and the destruction of our statues, monuments, businesses, and communities is criminal. I am saddened at the extent of unrest our society has reached. I did not fight for my country and suffer 18 years of pain for that service for people to behave in this manner. There is an extreme difference between protesting peacefully and breaking the law! As Governor, identified individuals who contributed to this despicable behavior will be charged. The local governments and entities who idly sat by and allowed these unlawful acts to take place will also be held accountable for their gross disregard for the safety of the citizens and property.

Q4. As Governor of Virginia, how do you plan on addressing social unrest with any future riots, looting, vandalism, or the destruction of property, more specifically relating to monuments, memorials, statues, and businesses?

With the plans and policies I will be putting in place there should be no reason for this kind of behavior. I will always have an open door in my administration to help the people find solutions to the issues affecting them. Should something like this happen during my administration, Immediate action will be taken to ensure that those responsible are held accountable and the citizens are safe. Threats and actions of violent demonstrations will be taken seriously and not tolerated. As governor I will allow our law enforcement to do their job. I will not hesitate to call on our national guard and even our militias when necessary.

Q5. What is your stance on free tuition for illegal immigrants currently living in Virginia and United states and what do you think about illegal immigration in general?

With the world in manfactured COVID-19 chaos, the economic fallout has caused an influx of displaced people all over the world to flood into the United States America. I am a strong supporter of securing our borders in protection of our constitutional repulic. Using taxes taken from the hard working people to pay for college of someone who is not contributing is unjust. The average working family in Virginia has a hard time sending their kids to college. Most have to take out student loans, causing young adults to become thousands of dollars in debt before they even start their adult lives. Many, if not most, low income families only dream of being able to send their child or children to college, is on an academic or athletic scholarship. As Govenor, I intend to look at the cost of deportation versus assimilation of illegal immigrants already here. Under the current laws, illegal immigrants get a free ride when they have never paid taxes or honored the Naturalization Oath. Immigrants need to follow the correct channels to become American citizens to live in the US and Virginia. My family immigrated in the 1800’s from Italy after the fall of Napoleon fearing persecution, I understand the importance of immigration and will work to find a solution that does not cause anyone to be treated unjustly.

Interview 3

Q1. What are your thoughts and feelings about racism, white privilege, and minority and low income oppression?

My family is as multicultural as any other American family, black grandfather, biracial aunt, and latino cousins. That's why I denounce racism and I am calling on Virginia to stand with me in unity for equality. Oppressive restrictions are being used to put unnecessary pressure on struggling families and small businesses, creating a dangerous wealth gap, fueling more division. Career politicians use fear to gain control of us, taking our God given rights and Civil Liberties unconstitutionally. What we are experiencing is a legislation problem. Oppressive laws that enable law enforcement to violate our rights and a broken justice system that turns good people into criminals. This is why term limits, constitutional review, and voting to eliminate laws that violate our rights, is so important to my administration.

Q2. As Governor of Virginia, how do you plan to keep our constitutional rights protected?

By forming a study for constitutional review that highlights all the laws that are believed to be in direct violation of the Virginia or United States constitution and forwarding those findings to legislators for removal or revision, for which the voters will vote upon.

Q3. What are your thoughts on Medicaid expansion?

I do not believe that a Medicaid expansion is the solution to any problem. Rather I feel it creates more issues within tax cost and budgets of state. I also understand that there is a great need for higher coverage within our low income and working class communities. While I am against an expansion, I understand and agree that this service cannot simply be removed. There needs to be programs and services for the low income and impoverished communities to help them reach a stable condition so that they no longer need these services.

Q4. What is your stance on the ERA / equal rights amendment?

It is my express belief that equal rights for women in comparison to men is essential in our society today especially in the work force, in regards to equal pay for women in the same position as a male counterpart. If the constitution is understood to say that (all citizens are created equal) then it includes women along with any other class, so long as the individuals are citizens of the United States of America.


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