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Kurt Santini was born in California and grew up in a low income diverse family. At 10 years old, he moved to Florida with his grandparents due to a series of unfortunate family events. There he learned the word of God and became active within his grandparent’s church. By the age of 13 he was living with his father and step-mother. He has 4 siblings, of which he is the oldest.

Kurt’s upbringing proved to be heavy as he was forced to grow up quickly, moving out on his own at 15 years old. He found himself working and attending high school at the same time. He eventually decided to drop out of school to work 2 jobs in order to support himself. He found purpose and pride in being a blue collar worker.   


At 19, Kurt earned his GED and then joined the Army at the age of 20. Although short, during his military career, he excelled in his training and is proud to be a member of 1/75th Army Ranger special operations unit. In 2000, a parachute malfunction caused a severe spinal cord injury that left him medically unfit for duty and disabled. The estimated height from which he fell was One hundred feet and the Army said he was too “broken” to be fixed.

Kurt received an honorable medical discharge and began his 18 year struggle with the VA healthcare system. For eighteen years Kurt went back and forth with VA doctors, congressmen, and senators, Always ending up in a big circle right back to the person or office he started with, sometimes two or three times. 

Sadly, those congressional representatives and members of senate failed to make change where it was needed. After walking into the office of his congressman, he was finally connected with Operation Backbone through the secretary, who showed great concern for him, to whom, he will forever be thankful!

Through Operation Backbone’s advanced medical pipeline, Kurt received the answers he had been looking for. In October of 2018 he received the life changing surgery he and his family had been so desperately praying for. Although the results were expected to reduce his pain from a 10 to a 7, at best, Kurt woke up from surgery absolutely pain free! Since Kurt’s surgery, he has realized that he is stronger and has hit the ground running. He has continued his efforts through operation backbone volunteering his time and helping whenever and wherever he is able, including taking several trips to D.C. to advocate for better healthcare for veterans.

Kurt met his wife Misty in 2000, with whom he has two children. Together they have battled all that life has thrown at them. Misty attended college while their children were in elementary and middle school and is now a teacher with Amherst County Public Schools. Both of their children are currently attending local colleges, their daughter is completing her last semester and their son, being a high school 2020 graduate, is about to start his first semester.

Kurt likes spending time with his family in ways he hasn’t been able to in nearly twenty years, fishing, playing pool, going on hikes and being in nature, doing mechanical work with his son, and riding his motorcycle.


Kurt recognizes the need for change in Virginia. He sees a need for strong minded, honest people who are willing to step up and fight to give the people back their voice. Kurt is not a career politician. He is a father, husband, military veteran, and concerned citizen. He has joined the race for Governor of Virginia because he wants to put his life experiences to good use for the people of Virginia and to restore the constitutional rights he served for. Kurt wants to help the people take Virginia back!


Restore Power to the People

As Governor of Virginia, it is my top priority to restore power to the people. I will be your representative not the deciding factor. I will work with voters for immediate repeal of
unconstitutional laws and restore Virginia to the people through a constitutional review!


Take Back Virginia


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